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While the rapid developments in information Technologies lead some countries to socio-economic tremors, it also produces new super Powers. Either developed or underdeveloped countries which is aware of the significance of information Technologies primarily aim to make plans, criticize their own capacity and pay considerable value to manpower to be in harmony with the developing Technologies. Because in today’s World, the wealth of a country is neither measured by Money nor natural reserves but with the amount of human resources. The only way to develop qualified manpower is education.  

Universities are institutions who use IT commonly. Institutions which can organize IT well increase their ability to cope with developments and chance to make better future plans.

Our institution follows the IT developments closely and aims to developed the current system, support academics in projects and research, enables fast reach to the information for students, enable qualified technology education, accelerate the workflow of administrative units and provide any technological assistance that our university may need. With fast and secure IT infrastructure, our institution aims to meet the demands of the age of information.

In the light of these realities, our institution updates itself each year, increase its knowledge and ability and marches to the future vision with belief and tenacity.